hostware Integration

Automated server synchronization

The integration will automatically synchronize all tagged servers from Tenantos into hostware, so you don't have to manually configure them.

Full dedicated integration

hostware will take care of creating, terminating, and suspending the dedicated server if the payment is overdue or initiated by the admin.

Integrated in the client area

All functions of Tenantos are neatly integrated into the hostware storefront to deliver a white-labeled experience to your customers.

hostware: storefront order process

What is hostware?

hostware is a modern and brand-new web interface developed to be fully extensible and scalable. Constantly being improved, hostware contains features that are both needed and useful for daily operations.

The great number of integrations offer a seamless experience for your customers! You can even entirely change the theme of your storefront to align hostware with your own branding, while still maintaining update compatibility.

In addition to many thoughtfully designed features, hostware also provides support for multiple sales channels. This means that you can run several companies using just one admin panel, combining all statistics in one place. Furthermore, it ensures that your servers are shared between sales channels for optimal utilization.

  • The Tenantos integration is included in all hostware plans!
More about hostware

Integrated in the hostware IPAM

One main advantage of hostware is the central IP address management. This means that all subnets and addresses are configured directly in hostware and are assigned to so-called pools.
This has the great advantage that you can easily assign more or fewer addresses to a pool, e.g., if you run a promotion and temporarily may need more addresses for dedicated servers.

The Tenantos module uses the hostware IPAM, meaning you don't have to create the subnets in Tenantos. hostware will do that for you once a server has been ordered and a subnet assigned.

More information
hostware ipam

Advanced integration

Tenantos supports all automation functions implemented in hostware. This means you normally don't have to worry about manual actions:

hostware: admin hosting view

And much more

The module has all the necessary functions to start selling servers. Unfortunately, we cannot list all features on a single page.

For more information, we recommend taking a look at the documentation. In the documentation, you will find explanations of the complex features as well as installation instructions.

Please note that hostware is currently only available for customers based in Germany.
If you have any questions about the module, please contact hostware directly.