Automated OS Reloads

Reinstallation via PXE

Automated OS reinstallation of dedicated servers and virtual servers is performed via PXE.

External Servers

External servers (e.g. OVH) are reinstalled via the API of the provider.

SSH Keys

Users can add SSH keys, which are automatically deposited on the server.


Depending on the number of hard disks, an appropriate RAID (1/5/10) can be installed automatically. The user can also select the desired RAID level if the server has enough disks installed.

Script Executions

You can add scripts and offer them for selection or always run them. The scripts are executed automatically after installation. Scripts can be limited to tags and operating systems.

Custom Disk layouts

With custom disk layouts, you can create predefined partitions. For example, for the automatic installation of Proxmox nodes, if you want a different layout than the default.



Windows Server 2016/2019/2022, Windows 10/11



CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, OpenVZ, etc.


Rescue Systems

Memtest, grml Linux, SystemRescueCD, etc.

Supported Operating Systems

All major operating systems are supported out-of-the-box.

Tenantos supports a wide range of operating systems, which can be installed at the click of a button. These profiles are maintained by us, so you don't have to be a PXE expert to offer PXE profiles that just work. But of course, you can also add your own PXE profiles.

Windows is supported as well, and you can import a Windows ISO with a few steps. Tenantos will automatically convert the ISO into a working PXE profile and inject common drivers.

Intelligent Auto RAID For Linux

Tenantos offers two ways to install RAID on a server:

  • Complete automation: Tenantos selects the appropriate RAID level (1/5/10).
  • Manual: Only the levels with which the server is compatible are offered (0/1/5/10).

There are several settings available to take influence on the behavior of the RAID profiles. For example, which requirements must be met to offer a RAID level. Requirements would be the minimum number of hard disks, for which OS profiles the RAID is applicable, and which tags the server must have.

By the way, Auto RAID is quite intelligent: If the server has 5 hard disks, Tenantos will create a RAID 10 and automatically mark the 5th hard disk as a spare disk. And Tenantos will install the grub bootloader on all disks, if possible.

Auto RAID Docs RAID Profiles Docs

Custom Scripts & Disk Layouts

There are several ways to execute commands and scripts after the successful installation of the operating system. Scripts can either be added directly to the PXE profile or saved as separate scripts, which the user can choose from at the reinstallation assistant.

Scripts and disk layouts can either be enforced so that they are always executed (e.g. OS updates), limited to specific operating systems, or made available only to certain servers. Scripts are an excellent way to provide pre-built applications or to automate your own infrastructure.

External Providers

Tenantos bundles all APIs into one standardized API, so you can also add servers from supported external providers into Tenantos. Since reinstallation via PXE is usually not possible with external providers, reinstallation is handled via the provider's API. We try to offer all features for servers of external providers as well. For example: If the provider supports adding SSH keys, Tenantos can do it as well.

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