IPMI Features

Power Management

The current power status can be queried via IPMI and various power commands can be sent, such as reboot, power off and hard reset.

Sensor Statistics Collection

Tenantos collects sensor data at regular intervals and generates graphs with useful information about temperature and fan speed.

BMC Commands

It's possible to execute IPMI commands via Tenantos. Most common commands are available as a selection. Manual commands can be executed too.

IPMI Proxy

You can operate IPMI in a private, non-public network. Remote agents ensure that IPMI can be managed via Tenantos across all areas.

NoVNC Console Support

IPMI-KVM consoles are delivered via a Docker container with VNC server, eliminating the need for your customers to install Java.

Custom ISO Support

As an administrator, you can add your own ISO files, which can be mounted on the server by your customers via NoVNC.


Add Remote Agent

Add a remote agent for each data center.


Network Configuration

Integrate the agent into the private network.


Ready To Use

Assign the agent to servers.

IPMI Proxy & Remote Agents

Keep IPMI in your secure, private network.

Remote Agents act as a proxy between Tenantos and the IPMI network. Multiple remote agents can be installed in different locations so that you can manage all your sites in one web interface.

When you add an IPMI connection to a server, you can choose which remote agent to use to handle the connection. Deploying additional remote agents is very simple and a matter of a few button clicks in Tenantos.


Your customers do not need to install outdated Java versions to open KVM.

When a customer opens the KVM Console, Tenantos creates a compartmentalized Docker container in the background on which the KVM Console opens. The container contains a VNC server that is accessed via NoVNC. You and your customers can conveniently open the KVM Console in the browser and still mount ISO files previously added by an administrator via IPMI.


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