WHMCS Integration


Full-Featured Integration

The WHMCS integration offers everything you need: Account creation, suspension, unsuspension, termination, notifications, and more.

Automated Order Provisioning

Instant provisioning of new orders. No matter if dedicated servers, virtual servers, or servers from external providers like OVH.

Support For Configurable Options

Let your customers assemble the servers themselves - the module will deliver the right server. This works for all server types.

Automated Server Provisioning For WHMCS

The module has excellent support for configurable options. With the use of configurable options, you can let your clients choose options like RAM, HDD size, and operating system. On the server assignment page of the module, you assign the possible values to the dedicated servers. This enables immediate provisioning of servers, even if a custom server has been ordered.

For virtual server orders, each component can be overridden using configurable options. Even unusual things like the CPU type or the CPU shares.

Deploying external servers works the same way as dedicated servers. You assign the server to the product on the module page, set the configurable options if necessary, and the servers are automatically delivered to the customer.

Notifications & Settings

We know not every provider works the same way. The WHMCS integration offers a wide range of settings to adapt to the way you work.

A non-complete list of the setting:

  • Add tags to server on create/suspend/unsuspend/terminate.
  • Power off / on server after suspension / unsuspension.
  • Wipe disk after termination.
  • Suspend service if traffic limit has been reached.
  • Admin ticket notification on events like traffic limit reached and suspension.
  • Stock monitor to automatically adjust the WHMCS product stock amount.

Each feature can be individually enabled or disabled.

Traffic Accounting & Usage Metrics

WHMCS offers two ways to charge for traffic usage or at least show the usage:

Both functionalities are integrated into the WHMCS module. In addition, the module can notify the admin and customer when the limit is reached or suspend the server.

Developer Functions

If you are a PHP developer, you can extend the functionality of the module yourself to tailor it even more to suit your business.

If you need additional features that the module does not offer, feel free to contact us.

And much more

The module has all the necessary functions to start selling servers. Unfortunately, we cannot list all features on a single page.

For more information, we recommend taking a look at the documentation. In our documentation, you will find an explanation of each feature and more screenshots.

If you have any questions about the module, please contact us.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
We will get back to you within a day, usually within a few hours.

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