Server Management

Inventory Management

Inventory management with valuable features like auto inventory, custom fields, etc.


Tenantos generates statistics and graphs for bandwidth usage and IPMI sensors.

OS Reloads & Rescue

Servers can be reinstalled or booted into rescue mode at the push of a button.

IP Management

Assign IPs to the servers, add comments to IP assignments and manage the RDNS entries.

User Management

Servers can be assigned to users and resellers. The permissions of the user accounts can be defined precisely.

Comments & Notes

Documentation is important. Tenantos has a comment system for many elements like IP addresses and servers.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your hardware.

There are several ways to record the hardware parts of the servers:

  • PXE: A special PXE profile is available, which will collect all relevant hardware details.
  • Shell command: Execute a one-line command to collect hardware details.
  • Virtualization: Hardware details are automatically collected.
  • External providers: Hardware details are automatically collected via API, if technically possible.
  • Manually: Store the hardware details manually.

For each hardware component you have useful standard fields like serial number and model description. In addition you can add your own components and fields in the Inventory Manager.

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Statistics & Graphs

Tenantos can collect, analyze and graphically display traffic usage data. If the server has IPMI, Tenantos also collects IPMI sensor data and shows it in the form of graphs.

The traffic statistics can be queried from any network switch with SNMP support. In the case of virtualization, or if the server is located at an external provider, the data is obtained via the API.

Our billing modules (e.g. WHMCS) have in-build support to process the bandwidth usage data. The WHMCS integration supports Metrics Usage and the traditional calculation of traffic usage.

Comments & Notes

We know that proper documentation is necessary to avoid losing track when dealing with many systems. You can add comments to any server, to any IP, and to any user. In addition, a tagging system supports you, with which you can group the servers.

The system is designed in a way that each user can add their own tags, notes, and comments. For example, resellers - the comments of resellers are not seen by the end customer and vice versa, resellers do not see the comments of customers - unless they want to see them.

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User Management

You can assign your servers to individual users and specify exactly what permissions each user should have. The whole system is built around permissions and tenants. Each feature of Tenantos can be disabled, so for example you can disable OS reloads for certain users (e.g. managed servers) but still allow server reboots.

A predefined permission role for resellers is available, which contains all necessary permissions to create reseller accounts. Resellers can in turn create their own customers or resellers and assign servers to them.


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