Remote Agents

Connect multiple datacenters

Remote agents allow access to private networks in locations other than where Tenantos is installed.

Easy Management

The installation and administration of agents is done in the Tenantos web interface.

Flexible Assignments

You can choose which agent should be used for each connection (IPMI, switch, etc.).

All your locations in one interface

You don't have to run a separate installation of Tenantos in each location. Instead, you install a remote agent at your sites that acts as a proxy between the site and Tenantos.

Each server can have multiple services and connections assigned to. Examples would be IPMI, DHCP, PXE and a switch port assignment. When adding a connection assignment, you select which agent to use. Thus, it is also possible to operate a DHCP relay, but have IPMI run through a different agent.

Easy Management

The installation and configuration of the agents is simple. New agents are added via the wizard in the web interface - you enter the SSH data, and Tenantos does the rest. You can then configure the agent's private IP addresses directly in Tenantos, or you can do it manually via SSH - it's up to you.

For each agent there a separate overview page is available where you can see at a glance the assigned connections, the status of the agent and useful log entries.


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