External Providers

Manage servers from external providers in one interface.

One Unified API

Tenantos bundles multiple APIs into a single, easy-to-use, API.

Resell from various Providers

Provide your customers with a single web interface to manage all servers.

Billing Integrations

Our billing integrations are compatible with servers from external providers.


Examples of supported providers

OVH (+ Kimsufi, + SoYouStart), Hetzner and myLoc.


A complete list of all supported providers can be found here.


We are happy to add support for additional providers. If you use a provider that is not supported, please create a feature request.

One Platform To Manage Them All

Tenantos bundles APIs from external providers (e.g. OVH) into a unified API, allowing each server in Tenantos to be addressed in the same way. This means that no matter if the server is located at OVH or in your own data center, the web interface of Tenantos is always the same, and the Tenantos API methods work the same way for all servers. This unification and aggregation of the different APIs make it possible that our billing integrations also work for external servers, and the same features can be offered.

Provided it is supported by the provider's API, all functions of Tenantos are available for external servers. Like the reinstallation of the operating system, traffic usage statistics, power management, RDNS, and so on.

Learn More

Your provider is not supported?

Contact us, and we will add the provider if your provider has an API available. Depending on the size of the provider, this is done free of charge or, if it is a small provider where there is no general interest, for a small fee.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
We will get back to you within a day, usually within a few hours.

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