IP Management

IPv4 & IPv6 Support

Tenantos supports IPv4 and IPv6. For IPv6, both subnetting and single IPs are supported.

Reverse DNS

The PowerDNS integration allows you and your customers to manage RDNS entries.

Comments & Documentation

Reserve IPs and create comments on subnets and individual IPs to keep track of them.

Everything at a glance

The IP Manager helps you to better organize your subnets and IP addresses. You can see at a glance how many IPs from a subnet are still free, to whom the IPs are assigned and you can edit the RDNS entries directly in the IP Manager.

For a better overview, you can add comments at IP addresses and create notes at subnets. You can also exclude individual IP addresses (or subnets for IPv6) from automatic provisioning, for example, if they are used for internal services.

IP addresses can be easily assigned to servers so that your customers can also set descriptions or edit the reverse DNS entry. Your customers will also see useful data such as gateway and CIDR, so they have all the information they need when configuring the network manually.

Reverse DNS

Tenantos supports PowerDNS and for external providers it uses the provider's API to manage the reverse DNS records.

The creation of additional PTR zones is done directly in the Tenantos web interface. You can also add multiple PowerDNS servers and specify which subnets should use which PowerDNS server.


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