Expand Your Business To Resellers

Billing Integrations

Your resellers can use the same billing integration modules (e.g. WHMCS) as you.

Sub-Users & Sub-Resellers

Resellers can create their own customers, their own reseller accounts, and their own permission roles.

Custom Branding

Resellers can add their own domains to Tenantos and customize the interface to match their brand.


Multi Tenant System

Your resellers get their own platform within the platform.


Completely White Label

No vendor backlinks, fully customizable.


Full Automation, Full Control

Your resellers enjoy the same automation as you.

Everything your resellers need. From one source.

Tenantos is designed from the ground up for multi-tenancy. This means you can create reseller accounts and your resellers practically have their own environment where they can create customers and resellers themselves. This works on infinite levels - resellers can create resellers, which in turn can create their own resellers and clients.

Your resellers also have access to the extensive permission system, where they can create, manage and assign roles to their customers. However, resellers only have access to the permissions you give them. Of course, they cannot use permissions to which they do not have access.

Billing Integrations

Tenantos is designed in a way that the API is the same for every user. There is no separate admin, reseller, or user panel, but the web interface adapts according to the permissions. Your resellers can use the same billing modules that you use. We provide the billing module for free, and you and your resellers are allowed to share the module with sub-resellers.

Custom Branding

Your resellers can add domains to Tenantos on their own. Tenantos automatically takes care of configuring the domain on the web server, issuing an SSL certificate, and so on - no manual steps are required. Your resellers can customize the web interface to match their brand:

  • Customize the logos, website title and change the app name.
  • Customization of color scheme, including the color of the sidebar, top bar, success color, and more.
  • Complete customization of the language file.

Even your resellers' resellers have the same branding options - assuming your reseller (or you) provided them the permission to do so.


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