Virtualization Features

Supported Technologies

Tenantos supports Proxmox and VMware out of the box, and virtualization is fully integrated into all billing modules.

VPS Plans

Tenantos allows you to create VPS plans and specify the features and resources using the numerous configurable options.


Everything you need is included: Power management, PXE OS reloads, bandwidth accounting, console support, and so on.

A unified API for all servers, regardless of the server type.

  • Billing integrations can override resources of VPS plans
  • Predefined VPS plans Proxmox VMware
  • Create / terminate VPS Proxmox VMware
  • Power management Proxmox VMware
  • Bandwidth accounting Proxmox
  • NoVNC console support Proxmox VMware
  • OS reloads via PXE Proxmox VMware
  • Adjust resources or change VPS plan for each VM Proxmox
  • Automatic IP spoofing filter Proxmox
  • IPv4 and IPv6 supported Proxmox VMware

Tenantos aggregates multiple APIs to provide a unified API. Whether you add Proxmox or VMware Server, the Tenantos API is always addressed in the same way. Likewise, the web interface always behaves the same. This standardization makes it easy for your customers to find their way around in Tenantos.


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