Server Business Automation For

One application that provides everything you need to automate your server business.

Billing System Integrations

Modules are available for all popular billing systems, so you can automatically provision orders. The modules have been developed with great care and offer profound integration possibilities.

WHMCS hostware

Simple User Interface

Tenantos provides you and your customers with all the tools you need to keep track of your servers and infrastructure and perform necessary tasks at any time.

Server Management OS Reloads

Multi Tenant System For Resellers

Tenantos offers the possibility to create resellers, which in turn can create resellers themselves. Your resellers also have access to the same seamless billing integrations as you and have various options for branding. For example, using their own domain and color schemes.

Resellers Permission Management

External Providers & Virtualization

With Tenantos you can not only manage dedicated servers, but it also offers virtualization support for VMware and Proxmox. Servers from external providers like Hetzner and OVH can also be added, so you can control everything from a single standardized interface and API.

External Providers Virtualization

One platform to manage all your servers


Dedicated Servers

With support for NoVNC IPMI-KVM, IPMI power management, PXE OS reloads, and much more.



Proxmox and VMware are supported out of the box. Create VPS plans to automatically deploy new servers.


External Providers

Resell servers from multiple providers (Hetzner, OVH) and provide your clients a single interface to manage all their servers in a unified panel.

Open your business for resellers

You can create reseller accounts and choose exactly which permissions the resellers should have. There are over 5000 permissions available, divided into three clear groups with about 100 subgroups each. Sounds like a lot of settings, doesn't it? Nevertheless, the options are kept understandable for everyone.

You can provide your resellers with the same free modules you use for the billing systems. Since Tenantos provides a unified API for all users, the modules work the same way as they do for you.

Depending on the permissions, your resellers can create their own customers and also create reseller accounts. This works on an infinite number of levels, which means: Your resellers' resellers can also create resellers in turn.

Your resellers can customize Tenantos according to their needs. Via the web interface, they can add their own domains, change the language files or adapt the color scheme to their brand.

Tenantos is flexible, easy to use, and yet extensive.

Unattended OS Reloads

Your customers can reinstall the operating system at the push of a button. Depending on the type of server, the installation is done via PXE or via the API of the external provider.


Tenantos is able to automatically install a suitable RAID (1/5/10) depending on the number of available hard disks. In addition to Auto RAID, the customer can choose which RAID level to use.

Scripts & Disk Layouts

You can create disk layouts and shell scripts that will be executed after the OS installation and limit them to servers with certain tags or to certain OS profiles.

NoVNC IPMI Console

Our proxy system allows customers to securely open an IPMI KVM console. The KVM console is opened in the browser without the need to install old versions of Java locally. You can leave IPMI in a secure, private network.

Remote Agents

You can manage multiple sites from a central web interface. Just install an agent at the location, and Tenantos will do the rest. You can specify in the web interface which agent should be used to access the servers or network device.

Bandwidth Accounting

You can add SNMP switches and assign the ports to the servers. Tenantos collects the traffic consumption data and creates statistics from it. Of course, this also works for external providers and virtual servers.

Server Inventory

Automatic hardware inventory for your servers via PXE boot or execution of a one-line shell command. You can also manually add or change the inventory data of each server.


Tenantos creates nice graphs of bandwidth consumption and of the IPMI sensors. Even long time periods can be queried at blazing speed, thanks to InfluxDB and Redis.

White Label Panel

Tenantos is kept absolutely white label. There is no backlink or branding by us. Even the billing modules are kept white label so that it looks to your clients and resellers as if Tenantos were an in-house development.

Filterable, Sortable, Customizable

It is our concern that Tenantos users quickly find the things they are looking for. The quick search bar with real-time search, which is accessible on every page, helps you do this.

In addition to the quick search bar, each table is searchable and sortable. We have paid special attention to the server overview table, where you can search in any column, set multiple search conditions, and also add or remove individual columns. You can easily save your personalized overview table so that you can always see the things that are important to you at a glance.

One more thing about the server overview table: For a perfect overview, there are also columns available for the current bandwidth usage per server (Mbit/s), the traffic usage of the last 24 hours (7 days, etc.), and further columns like hardware details (CPU, disks, etc.). So you can quickly find out who is using the most traffic or if there are free servers with certain hardware parts.

Extensive Logging System

Tenantos logs every action and every API call. It not only records what action was done but also meta data like IP, user, user agent, the exact HTTP request, including request body, and other details. This makes it easy to determine afterward who did what.

You can also show the logs to your users and resellers. Of course, users only see the logs they are authorized to see.


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