Advanced Permission System

Over 5000 Permissions

Tenantos is built from the ground up around permissions. >5000 permissions exist, divided into clear groups.

Assign Roles To Users

Create roles and assign them to your customers. Resellers can create their own roles.

Adaptive Web Interface

While Tenantos has only one interface for all account types, it flexibly adapts the frontend to the permissions.

Simple Permission Management

Even though over 5000 permissions sounds a lot, permission management is straightforward. Permissions have been grouped into sophisticated groups and subgroups, so you can always maintain an overview.

Roles help you organize the permissions. Roles can be assigned to users. Resellers also receive a predefined user and sub-reseller role template, so your resellers have good role templates out of the box that they can apply to their users. Of course, you can modify these templates via Tenantos.

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